I bet that you have a truckload of old toys at home. They are just lying everywhere and don’t bring you any joy anymore. However, it’s better not to get rid of them – you can always turn them into something cool, make a nice present for your friends or spend a boring day really nicely. Watch this life hack video and turn your old toys into something awesome!

An old teddy bear can be a perfect secret stash. All you have to do is cut oof the toy’s head (OMG!) and put a glass jar inside. Use a head as a lid and store anything you want inside.

Old toy soldiers can be turned into a designer masterpiece. Place them between two bowls and bake carefully with the supervision of your parents. As a result, you can get a cool bowl. The coolest part about it is that it’s really unique. You easily turn other old toys into something new and attractive – just check how we upcycled those plastic toy cows or a dinosaur.

You can use any figurines to decorate lids for jars to store yummies. We have chosen a set of dinosaurs and painted them gold. What are you going to choose?

The next thing is photo frames. Use some old toys and stick them to a wooden frame in order to create a design masterpiece that can store your memories in style. In this video, you can find an example of kids cars frame.

LEGO blocks are another source of never-ending creativity. With LEGO, you can make phone holders, frames, stationery holders, and key holders. They all look so interesting and easy to make.

Watch this video till the end to see how to make awesome star ornaments that are good for decorating any room in your house. Tell us in the comments, which idea did you like most of all.

3:14 – 5 great ideas for lego
5:05 – How to make beautiful ribbon bows
5:40 – The easiest way to make pom poms
10:20 – How to make yarn star ornaments


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