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25 DIY Christmas Gifts 2017 // Cheap Gift Ideas & Presents!


Today’s video is my first CHRISTMAS VIDEO OF 2017!! I have a ton more holiday videos coming up so definitely subscribe and turn on post notifications to be one of the first to watch! My first Christmas video includes 25 DIY Christmas Gifts. There are a ton of cheap holiday themed gift ideas to help you decide what to make for your mom, dad, friends, aunt, uncle, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.! Let me know how you guys like this new 25 DIY format because I’ve been making the DIY portion a lot more quick to keep you entertained. I also started including small skits at the beginning, so let me know what you think about that! Also, don’t forget to enter into the giveaway to win the makeup products! Just make sure to be subscribed and to leave comments on my videos saying you turned on post notifications. Also, comment on my instagram pictures if you want me to like your photos! I will 100% 😉 I promise!!

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//25 diys christmas gifts on this list//
Candy Cane Mug: https://mohntage.com/2017/11/03/diy-tasse-mit-zuckerstangen-aus-fimo-wohlfuehlwinter/
Snowglobe Money Holder: http://madincrafts.com/snowglobe-surprise-money-holding-gift/
Gingerbread Bears: http://www.thirstyfortea.com/2015/12/18/tea-loving-gingerbread-bears/
Easy Teddy Bear: http://www.dekotopia.net/teddy-aus-altem-pulli-naehen/
Cinnamon Roll Lotion Bars: https://www.themakeupdummy.com/2017/09/20/diy-cinnamon-roll-lotion-massage-bars/
Soft Toy Lama: http://www.johannarundel.de/2017/09/kuscheliges-diy-lama-mit-kostenlosem-schnittmuster/
Sleep Spray: https://blissmakes.com/zzz-essential-oil-sleep-spray/
Sushi Socks: http://www.handmadecharlotte.com/diy-sushi-socks/
Crochet Pikachu: http://thebunnystudio.blogspot.ca/2016/09/free-pattern-pikachu-amigurumi.html
Confetti Gift Wrap: https://www.whitehousecrafts.net/single-post/2017/08/29/DIY-CONFETTI-GIFT-WRAP
Mickey Bath Bomb: https://apumpkinandaprincess.com/diy-mickey-bath-bombs/
Herb Garden Kit: http://www.thebeautydojo.com/diy-herb-garden-kit/
Unicorn Sugar Scrub: https://abeautifulmess.com/2017/08/make-your-own-unicorn-sugar-scrubs.html
Crochet Baby Blanket: http://ideas.sewandso.co.uk/blue-sky-blanket-free-crochet-baby-blanket/
House Warming Gift Basket: http://www.delineateyourdwelling.com/2017/07/house-warming-gift-basket.html
Homemade Laundry Detergent: http://tellloveandparty.com/2017/07/homemade-laundry-detergent-recipe.html
Cactus Glitter Soap: http://soapdelinews.com/2017/08/diy-cactus-soap-eco-friendly-glitter.html
Rock Candy Magnets: http://www.handmadecharlotte.com/faux-rock-candy-magnets/
DIY Tetris: http://www.handmadecharlotte.com/diy-tetris/
Astrological Dish: http://weregoingtomakeit.com/2017/08/30/astrological-sign-trinket-dish/
Confetti Filled Soap: http://www.akailochiclife.com/2017/09/diy-it-confetti-filled-soap.html
Sprinkles Lollipop Card: https://tikkido.com/blog/easy-sprinkles-lollipop-homemade-card
Mermaid Bathbomb Popsicles: https://www.themakeupdummy.com/2017/06/06/diy-mermaid-bath-bomb-popsicles-sparkle-dip/
Ugly Christmas Sweater Gift Wrap: http://www.handmadecharlotte.com/diy-ugly-christmas-sweater-gift-wrap/
Matcha Hot Chocolate Spoons: http://www.thirstyfortea.com/2017/02/10/matcha-hot-chocolate-spoons/

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