How to make a parmesan substitute? I’ll show you an interesting recipe for salted yolks. This is a trendy trick from the category of molecular cuisine. The whole process takes a lot of time, but the effort is zero, and as a result you will get a delicacy.

Raw yolk should be kept in a mixture of salt and sugar for at least four days, better – even longer. Salt pulls moisture out of the yolk. The texture of the product changes, the taste is concentrated. Then get the yolk and shake off the salt, put the yolk in the oven for 30 minutes. Grate the yolk and add to the pasta, to the salad, to the fish, and to other dishes.

I will show you how to make a lush omelette, how to make scrambled eggs, how to cook eggs in deep fat, how to make egg paste for sandwiches, how to make an omelette in a plastic bag, how to make an omelette with bell pepper, and many other recipes with eggs.

How to clean a dirty pan? Mash eggshell and put in the pan, add salt and some water. Rub the pan with a sponge. How to sharpen blender knives? Put the eggshell in a blender and turn it on.


00:58 How to make egg flowers
03:16 Delicious egg snack
07:29 How to make pancakes keeping all your dishes clean
11:59 Cool egg candles

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