Smart makeup hacks nobody showed you before

Hey girls, in this video I show you some simple makeup hacks and ideas that will improve your makeup. It’s little tricks and tweaks that you can try in your routine that will give you an even better makeup look.
– When applying eyeshadow, add a white eyeliner pencil below your eyes. This will make the eyeshadow color pop.
– You can use concealer as an eyeliner, and white it’s still wet, apply a colorful eyeshadow color on top.- If you’ve accidentally got some mascara on your eyelids, don’t try to remove it because it will destroy your whole look. What you can do instead, is cover it up with some concealer.
– If you would like to apply some false freckles and give yourself and young/refreshed look, I show you how to do that using a brown mascara. You simply add a few blobs on your palm, and then you lightly tap it on to your skin and nose.
– If your foundation tone is too light or too dark, you can adjust it by melting different lipstick shades inside.

0:07 – Makeup hacks for your eyes
0:47 – Foundation differences
1:05 – What different makeup products do to your skin
1:57 – BB cream / CC cream / DD cream
3:05 – Different types of makeup removers
3:23 – DIY natural-looking freckles
5:01 – DIY eyeshadow color using a magazine
5:40 – How to make your lipstick more opaque
7:46 – DIY temporary tattoo using an eyeliner
9:04 – Primer, foundation and lotion
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