What nail polish color do you like? Do you have favorite nail art? We are ready to help you to choose new favorite nail art that looks awesome. In this video, you will find a ton of ideas for your nails and manicure designs that look stunning.
Here is a collection of ideas that you totally should try and share with your friends:
-Newspaper print looks cool and is really easy to make: cut small squares out of a newspaper, cover nails with white nail polish. Soak your finger in the vodka and place the cut-outs on your nails until the images stick. Finish with top coat
-You totally should try to make different spider gel to make various nail arts
-Marble manicure looks very elegant and is the best choice if you go to the office. You can choose any color combination you like. We have chosen green and black. Apply any color you like, let dry. Apply the top cover and while it’s still wet using a nail brush with another color create a stone print
-If you don’t like to spend a lot of time on manicure but want something really special, try nail stamping. For this nail art idea, you will need stamping plates, stamper, two colors of nail polish. Watch the tutorial! This nail art will take seconds
-The next idea is really crazy! You will find a tutorial on how to make fluffy nails. To make it you will need some fluffy powder, you can learn from our tutorial on how to make it and nail polish of similar color. Put powder into the container. Apply the nail polish and while it’s still wet, place your nails into powder
-You can easily make a very helpful manicure tool – a nail polish remover marker. Take an old highlighter and remove the core piece and place in water until the color is gone. After that place in nail polish remover, pull out and return to the marker

00:39 Newspaper Print
01:15 Spider gel ideas
02:11 Nail stamping
06:12 DIY Nail polish remover marker
06:48 French manicure tutorial
09:14 Homemade nail polish

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