Do you adore to create various beautiful little things and give your relatives and friends hand-made gifts? Do you want to spend time with your daughter interesting, creating a beautiful hack? Do you want to make a postcard for your girlfriend? Do you want to decorate a gift for mom? Do you want to relax after a hard day’s work and escape from bad thoughts? Then you just have to master quilling – “paper twisting”.

Quilling is the art of making flat or three-dimensional compositions from long and narrow strips of paper twisted into spirals. They are wound on cylindrical objects, (pencil, knitting needle, etc.) to produce spirals.

In order to master the basics of quilling you do not need any equipment, you do not need expensive materials. You need only a skill to master the simple technique of winding paper on a thin needle and knowledge of the basics of forming the initial quilling blanks. There are few blanks, ranging from a simple spiral, a heart, asymmetrical petals to slightly more complicated curlicues. Not all quilling masters use all of them.

The beauty of the created flat pictures or volumetric objects depends not so much on technology, but on the sense of beauty that is inherent in every person.


1:28 Paper quilled portrait
3:02 Quilling finger ring DIY
4:42 Paper marionette
6:50 Paper rose DIY
10:01 Pop-up cards DIY
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