​​​DIY remedies for a beauty regimen

It doesn’t just take a healthy diet to be beautiful; even though it is extremely important. Sometimes the skin also needs some love and attention to show us how beautiful it can be. Face masks, for example, can work wonders on our skin, they can make it look so bright like porcelain; however, they can also be expensive. But do not worry about the money, because that is the reason why we made this video. We wanted to share with you some amazing DIY natural beauty hacks which can work miracles on your skin.

If you feel tired and you notice some dark undereye circles appearing we have the perfect remedy for you. Take a whole cucumber and grate it into a bowl. Then cut half a banana and using a fork mash it and mix it the bowl alongside the cucumber. Then divide the mixture into an ice tray and place it in the freezer. After they freeze, take once ice-cube out and massage it under and over your eyes. Cold relieves puffiness and the ingredients will nourish the eyes. The cucumber will moisturize the area while the potassium from the banana will eliminate the undereye circles.

Another homemade beauty remedy we have has to do with hair removal. We know how painful it can be to wax your armpits and sometimes shaving your armpit hair doesn’t leave the skin smooth for long. So we found the best hair removal method. In a bowl, add two tablespoons of baking soda, then, add a tablespoon of coconut oil for skin hydration and lastly, add squeeze some lemon juice in the mixture. Stir them all together until they become a thick paste. Using a wooden stick, apply the mixture on your armpits and let it dry. Finally, wipe it off using a cloth. You will see that all the hairs are removed and your skin is as smooth as if you’ve just waxed.

Stretchmarks are a nightmare, especially when you’ve just lost weight or after you’ve given birth. So we have a natural remedy for you that will eliminate stretch marks and help your skin bounce back. Take an aloe vera and peel it using a knife. Then, scoop out the magical aloe vera juice using a spoon and put it in a bowl with some coconut oil. Mix the ingredients all together and start applying the mixture on the stretch marks. Repeat this process every day until you see the results you want.

Some people’s hair grows really fast while some others struggle to grow them half an inch every two months. We know how difficult it can be to grow your hair, so we have the perfect hair growth serum for you that will grow your hair 2 inches in just 14 days. Here is how you can create it. Grate one onion in a bowl. Then take a strainer and squeeze out all of the onion juice in a jar. (Onions, stimulate hair growth) After that take some aloe vera leaves and cut them in small pieces. After that, put the aloe vera leaves in a pan with some coconut oil and bring to boil for 5 minutes. (Aloe vera conditions your hair and coconut oil nourishes the roots). After that, take a spray bottle and using a funnel pour the coconut oil and aloe vera mixture inside, then, add the onion juice. Now, close your bottle and shake well. Finally, spray the mixture on your hair and massage your scalp while doing so. Leave on for 40 minutes or more. Repeat the same process every day for two weeks and see how much your hair has grown.
0:10 – Natural treatment for undereye circles
0:59 – Painless hair removal
1:37 – DIY remedy to remove stretch marks
2:17 – How to get rid of annoying pimples
2:37 – How to remove bruises
2:58 – Hair growth serum
4:04 – Peel-off lipstick
4:50 – How to eliminate pores
5:29 – DIY natural freckles – henna
6:15 – Contouring hack
6:33 – How to apply lipstick without a mess
6:54 – Color matching foundation
7:44 – Awesome makeup with one product
8:05 – How to do the threading hair removal
8:56 – How to remove ink stains
9:09 – Remedy for dry heels

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