Check out a collection of various handy lifehacks that will ease your life. You will learn how to freeze water very quickly, now to make the best summer dessert and the quickest ways to cut a watermelon.
We love quick and delicious dessert recipes as we are not ready to spend hours in the kitchen. You can make a perfect watermelon cake. This cake is so delicious and is a perfect dish for summer parties. To make this simple recipe, cut off a watermelon’s rind then cover with whipped cream, berries or chocolate. If you need to freeze water very quickly, boil water and pour into ice cube mold.
Balloons is a beautiful and cheap decoration for any party. Try to make double balloons by your hands. To make these balloons you will need chopsticks and 2 balloons of different sizes. Insert one end of a chopstick into a smaller balloon. After that carefully insert a small balloon with chopstick inside the larger one. Carefully remove the chopstick and inflate smaller balloon firstly. After that inflate the bigger one and knot both balloons.
Have you ever used coke to clean a bathroom? Yes, you can clean coke to clean a faucet and toilet. Besides, you can clean foggy and cloudy car headlights using cola. Cover the rusted bolts with Coca for several minutes and the result will surprise you. Coke works perfectly to cure bee or mosquito bites. One more surprising use of Coke is to make your hair lighter.
As a popper, you will learn how to make inexpensive party poppers, marshmallow sandwiches and check a collection of handy beach lifehacks to make your vacations more comfortable!

00:09 Watermelon cake
00:50 Bubble balloons
01:42 Beach lifehacks
02:57 Marshmallow sandwiches
04:57 Use Coke for insect bites

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