There can be never enough toys! Every day there’s something new in toy stores. However, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on toys. You can make a lot of cool and exciting toys for kids yourself using your hands and a bit of imagination!

Using plastic, you can make a real periscope and a telescope. To make a telescope, you’ll need two plastic bottles and a lens. It really works, you can actually see all the craters on the Moon! A periscope can be easily made out of a plastic pipe.

Learn how to make frisbees out of ordinary paper plates. Did you ever hear about finger football? You can easily make a pitch yourself. You’ll also need a couple of players and a ball – learn how to make it from out cool tutorial.

There’s a cool collection of Barbie doll DIYs in this video. Learn how to make cocktails for your dolls. It’s vacation time, after all, so you can try and make a cute suitcase for your dolls. It looks just like a real one. My favorite craft is headphones for dolls! Make sure not to miss this craft!

You can play beauty salon and use a piece of a balloon as a hair dying cap – you can dye your doll’s hair really stylishly using this trick. It’s a really good practive for a future hair stylist. A bathtub can be easily made out of a detergent bottle and taps and shower – from foil. Using a couple of old CD’s, you can make a cool bike for your dolls. If you watch this video up to the end and have some yarn leftovers, you can make a cap for your dolls.


0:31 – DIY light sword
2:36 – Making a puzzle
4:54 – Puffy paint stamps
12:47 – DIY doll bike

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