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16 Last Minute Halloween Costume and Craft Ideas


Halloween is one day away! Today we’re showing you how to make some last minute Halloween costume ideas and crafts perfect for spooky parties and trick or treating!

0:00 – Witches Shoes
0:53 – Scary Monster Face Mask
1:46 – Axe Headband
2:25 – Maleficent Horns Headband
3:02 – Wacky Inflatable Tube Man Costume
4:14 – Sims Headbands
5:35 – Frozen Ice Mask
6:07 – Goblin Mask
6:36 – Paper Plate Animal Masks
7:03 – Superhero Face Masks
7:43 – Frankenstein Treats Bag
8:16 – Felt Pumpkin
8:55 – Haunted Mirror Craft
9:19 – DIY Spider Web Decor
9:56 – Floating Bugs Hand Soap
10:20 – Glowing Bugs Jar Decor

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