16 Gift Ideas For The Outdoor Lover, Christmas Ideas Camping, Bushcraft


By popular request, Christmas Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Lover

Gear List
1 Sleeping Bag REI/MEC
2 Sleeping Pad Thermarest
3 Adventure Sworn- Mora Garberg
4 Saws Bahco Laplander- Silky Gomboy -Agawa Canyon Boreal 21
5 Axes Wetterlings boys axe-Sandvick 19″-Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe
6 Cooking Pots Seirra Cup-Zebra Billy Pot 12cm- Heavy Cover Canteen
7 Tarp BushcraftOutfitters 10×10
8 Gloves Hestra Fall Line Gloves-Canadian Surplus Choppers
9 Pants Fjallraven vidda pro-keb
10 Flashlight Fenix-Thrunite-Petzl
11 Possibles pouches The Hidden Woodsmen-Phantomx
12 Watch Casio Pro Trek Tough Solar
13 Twig Stoves Bushbuddy-Firebox
14 Backpack Fjallraven Friluft 55-TheHiddenWoodsmen Dayruck-Camelback MULE-Frost River Cliff Jacobson Pack
15 Boots Baffin
16 Jackets Puffy Coat Mountain Hardware-MEC UPLINK

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