Behold an amazing compilation of crafty ideas for those who suddenly feel bored on a winter day. These crafts can definitely blow you away! Crafting is definitely one of the coolest ways of spending time! For example, why buying toys if you can make them yourself or make them from things that you don’t need anymore? In this tutorial video for kids, you’ll find a lot of entertaining ideas on making cool DIY things and experiments. These awesome ideas will definitely boost your creativity and you’ll forget about boredom!

First come a few cool ideas for foamiran. You can make a couple of awesome pens for you and your best friend. We used an ordinary pen, foamiran, and… an egg! As a result, you get a cute flower pen!

Check out these DIY tutorials and tell us in the comments which idea you liked most (you can also make a lot of cool presents for your friends and family).


0:58 – A flower pot
3:42 – A popsicle bookmark
6:48 – Bear stash
10:21 – Sock toys

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