New toys are so expensive! Do you know that you can recycle your old toys into somethign new or even make your own toys from the scratch? You can easily turn your old toys into treasure after watching this amazing tutorial video for kids!

A plain tennis ball can turn into an amazing gadget – shall you just cut it! It can hold anything – keys, pens, phones, envelopes, newspapers, towels. If you stick toy eyes to it and turn it into a cute home helper!

You cna make a magic ball by putting glycerol into a transparent jar, stick a little toy to the lid, put some sequins into the jar. Shake it well and enjoy your homemade blizzard!

Paper is an amazing material for crafting and making cool toys. If you make a paper cup as seen in our tutorial and use a string to attach a piece of foil to it, you can get a cool game for kids. Another awesome craft is a moving fish – you can make a lot of colorful fish and play with it.

Another cool moving paper craft is cool paper Sponge Bob doll! Check out how we made it – 02:32.

Old toys can be easily upcycled into something cool – you can make cute jewelry out of old toys. A doll’s head can become a ring and old plastic figures can become earrings.

You can turn an old teddy bear into a secret stash for goodies or some secret little things. Another cool idea is making a bowl out of old toy soldiers.


01:25 – Paper toys
04:10 – A cute paper elephant
05:34 – Storage idea
08:25 – A toothbrush holder


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