We all know a mermaid lover who would fall in love with these fun to make crafts and delicious cupcake recipes.

First, we will show you how to make a cardboard cutout resembling a mermaid with long locks of hair made out of yarn. Not only does this craft make for beautiful room decor, but the long strings of yarn is perfect for storing all your hair bows.

Next, throughout this video we will show you 6 cupcake recipes, all celebrating the ocean’s beautiful and mysterious creatures. These colorful, sparkly, and delicious cupcakes will make for the perfect treat for any party, especially a party with an under the sea theme.

The next few crafts are super easy to make and perfect to display around the whole house, including a mermaid night light to illuminate your room, reusing old toys to create hooks to stick on the wall to hang all your essentials, taking cardboard and turning it into a mermaid tail note holder, using a simple net to store all your toys, and so much more.

As you can see this video is jam packed with the best mermaid crafts, so make sure to check out the timestamps in the comments below to jump to your favorite DIY or recipe.


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