13 Funny Office Pranks And Life Hacks


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Orbeez Challenge! 13 Pranks And Life Hacks! https://youtu.be/uv8EFLX8grE?list=PLm2BDoawbClLnw7HjVQ6mcEgLWi7QZzHZ
You think an office job is boring? You just don’t know how to have fun! Watch in our new video o lot of cool and funny office pranks and life hacks! How do you survive your office job?

Supplies and tools:
• Whisk
• Pliers
• Hot glue gun
• Pencils
• Rubber bands
• Mug
• Acrylic paint
• Lip print on paper
• Plastic board
• Lunchbox
• Binder clip
• Thick cardboard
• Plastic binder
• Spiral notebook
• Paperclip
• Sticky notes
• Printed portrait photo
• Elastic band
• Scissors
• Acrylic polish
• Vaseline
• Red lipstick
• Chili powder
• Container

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