Today, we are here with a new portion of amazing ideas for the best Christmas ever! Enjoy and repeat. Don’t try to share your Christmas ideas with us in the comments.

The first idea is so adorable! You can upgrade and decorate plain balls for a Christmas tree just the way you like it. We decided to make a set of Ninja Turtle balls! What will you choose?

No need to use a natural tree. You can use a tomato cage and make a tree base out of it. Decorate your tree with ribbons and fabric and don’t forget to put a star on the top of the tree. I think it looks better than a real one!

You can use tires for making amazing ornaments for your doors. You can use Christmas decorations and ornaments or ribbons and create your lovely classic wreath. You can use a wire clothes hanger or a pool noodle as a base for your wreath.

There are more amazing ideas for you in this video.


00:29 – A cute Christmas tree
01:26 – A DIY Christmas tree from the scratch
04:24 – Glass cookies
05:33 – Folding napkins


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