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11 Month Old Baby Food Recipes


At the age of 11 months, your baby will show interest in exploring new tastes and textures. This is a good time to experiment with your baby’s food. Check out this video to find out delicious food recipes that can be included in an 11 months baby’s diet.

You can give your baby the foods that are cooked for your family in the form of minced or chopped, so your child can digest it properly. Even though babies are able to chew all kinds of food at this age, make sure the food is well-cooked and mashed or cut into small pieces to avoid the risk of choking.

A 11 month old baby can eat a variety of food including vegetables, fruit, and meat. An average eleven month old can have three meals along with snacks and formula or breastmilk a day.

If you are wondering what to feed your 11 months baby, try these healthy homemade baby food recipes.

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