Aloe vera-based beauty products are incredibly popular now for its amazing benefits for skin and hair. This plant has been used for many health purposes since ancient times. Aloe Vera is a powerful ingredient that is effective to nourish and sooth skin. Moreover, Aloe Vera has an antibacterial effect and usually used as a treatment for cold sores, wound healing and other problems. Leaves of this succulent contain a lot of vitamins, essential oils, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants and cosmetic companies use Aloe Vera in a various beauty product.
We share brilliant homemade Aloe Vera recipes that really work:
– Try the recipe for natural dandruff treatment: mix aloe vera, conditioner, olive oil, and coconut oil. Apply till the dandruff is gone. You will be totally satisfied with the result
– Sunburn is a real disaster and one of the worst parts of the holidays. Try to avoid this situation using a sunscreen. But if it happened to you, take an ice tray and pour aloe vera, freeze. And apply aloe ice cubes for pain relieve and to moisturize and heal your skin
– If you are out of shaving cream – use aloe vera leaves
– Try a natural face scrub from rice flour and aloe vera leaf. Your skin will be glowing and fresh
– Hand become very dry in winter and need daily care. Make a perfect hand cream at home – mix Aloe Vera with honey and apply it daily
– Antibacterial effect of aloe vera helps to treat acne. Mix aloe vera gel with toothpaste to cure pimples
– Facewash from stores may contain chemicals that why it’s better to make it at home. The recipe of natural face wash: mix Aloe Vera, coconut oil, glycerol, and honey. Don’t forget to wash off the makeup every day
– Dry and irritated skin is a disaster and the reason is the lack of skin care. Try our recipe: mix Aloe Vera with rose water and purified water. Spray this mixture on your face to moisturize skin
– You can easily make a makeup fixer at home: water, Aloe Vera gel, witch hazel, essential oil

Enjoy these helpful aloe vera recipes and share them with your friends!

00:14 Anti-dandruff treatment
01:06 Clever way to cure sunburn
02:48 Homemade face scrub
03:13 Aloe Vera hand cream
04:11 Natural face wash
05:45 Makeup Fixer

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