10 Super Creative Vertical Garden Ideas


10 Super Creative Vertical Garden Ideas
People who love to be surrounded by the flowers and plants will definitely love this article. We are going to reveal all the vertical garden ideas that will help you in your home decor. Your home looks more beautiful with the greenery. This vertical garden is an overlook of the small greenery part of your home. It comes in the vertical alignment. The design can be obtained by the arrangement of pots making a perfect and Super Creative Vertical Garden Ideas when there isn’t much space for garden.This maybe a perfect indoor installation to try this time!
1. Wood trellis with succulent letters
2. Stackable herb tower using herbaceous plants
3. Vertical garden planters using soda bottles
4. Wall planter on the stand alone wall
5. Picture planter frames
6. Vertical pyramid tower
7. Hanging planter
8. Pouched garden
9. Cinder block outdoor planter
10. Tiffin system

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